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We increase the number of patients each doctor can see daily in medical offices. The increased efficiency of doctors, staff and patient flow pays for the Medi-SIGNAL investment quickly. 

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Patient Waiting Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Emergency Call Systems by Medi-SIGNAL.


What is Medi-SIGNAL?

The best communication system for directing traffic in a medical facility.

Medi-SIGNAL utilizes light and sound signals to track doctors, staff and patients. Our system advises Doctors where to go next, summons staff when assistance is needed and keeps everyone aware of each Doctor’s location. Medi-SIGNAL is a complete call system enabling staff to monitor rooms, locate personnel and prioritize patients.

Advantages of Medi-SIGNAL

Custom Designed for the needs of your staff.

Easily installed in new and existing facilities.

Made to Order for your facilities specifications.

5 Year Warranty on all parts (except bulbs).

Easy to Use for staff and patients.

Easy to Maintain by your facility.

Quick Installation completed in less than a day.

Inexpensive to Operate.

Minimal disruption with install during off hours.

Cost effective for every type of facility.

Products for Medical Facilities & Counseling Offices

Patient Waiting

Patient Waiting System customized for counseling, therapist and mental health offices.

Nurse Call

Increase the number of patients your Doctors can see daily with our Nurse Call System.

Emergency Call

Increase your response times during critical situations by utilizing our Emergency Call Products.

About Us

Read our Mission Statement, learn about our company history and get an overview of the Medi-SIGNAL Systems products.

Our Clients

We help Cedars-Sinai doctors and staff be more efficient. Our clients include many other top medical facilities in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our new clients.

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