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Medi-SIGNAL Systems company background and product overview.

Mission Statement

Medi-SIGNAL strives to provide the physician with essential time-management capabilities so he or she can focus on patients and practicing medicine.

Company History

Established in 1971, Medi-SIGNAL has been helping medical facilities across the United States improve the patient’s experience by increasing efficiency. The Medi-SIGNAL System uses state of the art technology and custom design to simplify medical office traffic.

Our System simplifies communication to eliminate common inefficiencies found in today’s busy medical practices. Medi-SIGNAL empowers Doctors by helping them gain control of their valuable time so they can see more patients every day.

Products Overview

Medi-SIGNAL Systems are made of an assembly of selected top quality components. Our logic systems are our own time-tested design and proprietary. 

The panels and face plates are made of brushed anodized alumimun for that clean, professional look every medical facility wants.  The lighted pushbuttons are large so they can be seen easily down a long hallway. 

The economical Medi-SIGNAL Systems operate from a 12-volt power supply and provide longer life for the lamp lights. This feature makes installations possible even under the strictest facility code requirements. 

Medi-SIGNAL Systems carry a five (5) year warranty on all parts execept bulbs with 90 days labor included. Plus, we provide factory technical assistance on most larger installations.  

Products for Medical Facilities & Counseling Offices

Patient Waiting

Help doctors maximize their efficiency with our customized Patient Waiting System.

Nurse Call

Increase the number of patients a doctor can see daily with our Nurse Call System.

Emergency Call

Improve your response time during critical situations with our Emergency Call Products.

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