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Facilities using Patient Waiting, Nurse Call and Emergency Call Systems.

Our Clients

We work with some of the top medical facilities across the United States. These facilities are serious about supporting their doctors and staff with the best systems to ensure excellent patient care. We’re proud to say these outstanding facilities chose Medi-SIGNAL Systems.

Cedars-Sinai Foundation (250 Locations)

Columbus Medical Center, Columbus OH

Bay Area Psychiatric, Berkeley CA

Costello Sports Medicine, Lewisville TX

Cardiovascular Medical Group of Southern California, Beverly Hills CA

Century City Primary Care, Los Angeles CA

UCLA Women's Medical Group, Santa Monica CA

USC Healthcare Network, Los Angeles, CA

St. Jude Medical Foundation, Fullerton CA (64 Locations)

The Angeles Clinic, Beverly Hills & Los Angeles CA (3 Locations)

St. Joseph Medical Foundation, Orange CA (27 Locations)

Desert Orthopedic Center, Las Vegas NV (6 Locations)

Scripps Medical Center, San Diego CA

Camden Center, Los Angeles CA (6 Locations)

Findlay Surgery Center, Findlay OH

Central Coast OB/GYN, San Luis Obispo CA

Americana Gardens, Los Angeles CA (11 Locations)

Woodlands Sports Medicine, Woodland TX

Balfour Dermatology, Brentwood CA & Northern California

Cabrillo Pet Hospital, San Diego CA

Allergy and Asthma Med Research Group, Mission Viejo CA

Queens Healthcare Group, Honolulu HI (5 Locations)

Skin By Lovely, Santa Monica CA

Coast Ophthalmology, Newport Beach CA

Products for Medical Facilities & Counseling Offices

Patient Waiting

Help doctors maximize their efficiency with our customized Patient Waiting System.

Nurse Call

Increase the number of patients a doctor can see daily with our Nurse Call System.

Emergency Call

Improve your response time during critical situations with our Emergency Call Products.