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Common questions about Patient Waiting Systems and Medi-SIGNAL.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most Frequently Asked Questions from medical facilities before investing in our products.
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Exactly what is Medi-SIGNAL?

It is an electronic signaling system that enables doctors and staff at a medical facility to keep track of doctors, nurses and patients at all times.

What does the investment cost cover?

The installation of a total operating signal systems. This includes wiring, annunciator panels, room status buttons, switches, power supply and installation. An optional MSQ-Sequencer is also available. This is a programmable microprocessor-based patient priority system for advanced patient sequencing in busy facilities. 

Why is this so advantageous?

Doctors with busy schedules can not afford to loose time looking for a patient in a facility or trying to manage patient priority order. The Medi-SIGNAL System keeps track of who is where and let’s the doctors know who to see next as they move between exam rooms. We enable doctors to save time and help reduce waiting room traffic jams.

Can the maintenance department at our facility install a Medi-SIGNAL System?

Yes. We provide complete instructions and color-coded wiring. 

What is the basis of the system?

Medi-SIGNAL is a system of color-coded, steady or flashing light panels that direct the doctor where to go next. It also enables the office staff to keep track of each doctor’s location. 

Does a Medi-SIGNAL System have special power requirements?

No. The power supply takes regular 110-volt power and transforms into low-voltage for the signal lights.

Is this an off-the-shelf product or is it custom designed for each facility?

Each system is custom configured to meet the specific requirements of the facility and the needs of the doctors. The system is made-to-order so it fits the unique demands of your facility. We custom design your system around your needs while keeping the signals simple and easy-to-use.

Does a Medi-SIGNAL System have any warranties?

Each Medi-SIGNAL System carries a five-year warranty on everything (except signal lamps). We use standard 12-volt lamps.

Can Medi-SIGNAL be installed in both an existing facility and a new facility?

Yes. The Medi-SIGNAL System can be retrofitted into an existing medical facility. We do in-wall installation for efficiency, safety and to preserve your interior design. We have extensive experience working with project managers to install Medi-SIGNAL Systems during the construction of a new facility.

When did the Medi-SIGNAL Systems company start?

The Med-SIGNAL Systems company was established in 1971. The company has installed custom designed 

What does a Medi-SIGNAL System cost?

Every Medi-SIGNAL System is custom designed and made-to-order based on the unique specifications of each facility. So the cost of each System is different. We will give you a custom quote to make sure your facility doesn’t over pay.

Where does your company install systems?

We are a National company. Medi-SIGNAL System has installed custom designed systems throughout the United Stated for top medical facilities. Please go to our “Client” page to see some of the facilities we work with. 

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